‘Ever had tropical thought meaning those ideas that vicariously put you in a place you want to be.’ Alisha Squire

I became a theory after noting a notion of very colourful experiences from critical illness to now fighting like World War 11 to be a success in a game taught by Harvard.

Regrets, I’m  now referred wise change my special name lol from Jade to “wise”.  Question: is that what I get after all this hard and long work?

Answer yea man



Our professor encouraged us, her students to be wrong and make mistakes since there is a certain amount of risks that are welcome to be more creative. The current module enhanced m understanding that exists between the gaps of creativity and business ventures. The ultimate aim of this module is creating a solid foundation for two industries. I am currently studying management innovation and entrepreneurship MSc at the above-stated institution.
As the team leader, my main work will encompass all facets of resource enterprise planning, with the aim of gaining extensive knowledge in SAP ERP implementation configurations and procedures.
Primary findings
Practical learning outcomes and crucial information about the module is the main aim of this blog. According to Idris Mootee, an innovation strategist, business design thinking and behaviors can help enterprises to handle important challenges. Mostly by aligning with the needs of the customer. Avoiding extreme competitions by phaving deep customer connections, and by creating deeper customer relations by commoditization and cresting gaps through cooperations with stakeholders. Also, creating strategies through open innovations
In the recent past, we have seen the success stories of businesses like Amazon Kindle, the evolution and the development of Apple product pipeline, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Nike plus. Also, over the years, companies like Kodak and product lines like the Sony Walkman have slowly demised from the economy.
The key five pillars of design thinking and business behavior includes The ability to expose insights that drive innovation Seeing the user through the view find of apathy is very crucial. It is important to start e defining who the users of the product are. By creating personas and speculating on clients’ behaviors, needs, desires and their general daily lives. As an upcoming/startup, narrow your potential users to one collective market that yo can win and service quickly. Uncover insights that drive innovation, Nail the logistics. Turning solutions into viable venture and also making it real, as the fidelity of the prototype increased, we refined our value proposition. Pivot as required but never putting the user on the hindsight. We should question our approach, why should a customer choose us? Who are our competitors and most importantly what needs being we satisfying? We refined our business model into details. We identified our channels, partners, cost structure, and streams. If there is a missing user experience that is ideal, then it should be addressed. For instance, if we are offering services characterized by life simplifying technology with a purchasing experience that is complicated creates a dissonance. We should create alternatives to that. It is ideal not to get the solution right the first time.

As we went through the initial stages of our business idea, we reminded ourselves that, it would be okay not to get it right the first time, but we should learn how to do it from experience, quickly and cheap. My focus on the human and creative elements in business and the underlying connections with technology led me to broaden the scope of my studies.
The three words I would use to describe the first week in this module are, engaging, enjoyable and intense. I still remember being asked by the lecturer if I consider myself creative, most students, including me found themselves not aware whether they were creative or not.
So, what is meant by being creative? As we had discussed in class, creativity is the ability to invent something new or imagine something in a different useful way. It is the capability of generating ideas by ‘changing, combining and reapplying existing ideas’.
As further stated by the module instructor, ‘nearly everyone on earth is creative, ’ and the ability to be creative is inside every one of us. ‘the creation of noble ideas in every domain encompasses creativity.’ New innovative objects make people curious
The lecture said that we would learn on how to be creative and how we should manifest our creativity.

Business Idea into Prototype Within 2 Days:
We were able to establish and implement a business idea into a wireframe framework within a period of 3 days of conceiving it as a result of receiving advice from the class of keeping it simple as an idea. We focused on what we could achieve since we were advised not to waste time. Hence, we eliminated the initial requirements of aiming for a faultless absolute prototype produce.
Why creativity and business design is important.

In a TED talk video which we watched during one of the class sessions, Ken Robson stated that ‘creativity is now as important in education as literacy and should be treated with the same respect.’ Ken Robson reports that we are all have everything we need so as to be creative. The foremost obstacle to creativity is that we are trained away from our creative instincts by our parents, schools, workplaces and movies.
1st Field Work:
After watching a video titled ‘what makes a house a home’ we were segmented into groups with the aim of going around campus and asking students about, “what makes a house a home.”
Finance when shared amongstca group can be tricky as there is a possibility of unequal experience causing lack of carefuly planned due diligence especially in operations all costs must be shaved down the lowest figure to avoid running at a loss. Also to preserve funds spending company money without mindfull planning in advance for unanticipated expenditure spell failure.
Brand awareness by design of innovation combined with creative process like understanding the customer journey well in advance and supplying needs are equivocal for sustained growth. Adding and subtracting or even a radical change can require a brand to remain relevant. Knowing exactly who is the target market and what are their needs are determine what type of customer they will be, a clear definition of what the customer requires and the type of creative design for supply buyers consistently derives success.
Specific Future Goals
My special future plan is develop, build and sail my Swim suite and Business suite line. Creating designs that are mixed with traditional and modern day style. Infused with ideas from the consumer and displaying, clear and thorough delivery for the product that they choose to like. Keeping ahead of the trend by doing this to constantly innovate and produce fresh ideas for designs that pave the way for the future. Understanding the customer needs and the target market with a clearly defined financial plan allows for this goal to spread beyond competitors.
Conducting consistent due diligence, market analysis and supply from an outsourced manufacturer to meet customer orders results in satisfaction to purchase in the future and tell a friend this is a unique aspect the business will provide. As experienced in the Young Enterprise the follow through and achieving tasks determines the well being of the company.
Having a distinctive focus and preparing for future out comes. In the example of the Safe Heaven created by Bright Light it was the price that people provided feedback saying was too high over fifty (50)’people were asked and they all said the same.
Immediately I knew that my original thinking held true that for the first phase product outspend quality isn’t always key rather better to pay more attention on the actual design, how it communicates to the consumer and how easily is the new innovation (product) for them to grasp then comes want to purchase.
Example. Safe Heaven a safety tool for backpackers to conceal valuables. Keeping the price within a bracket of (£1-£10) more (£5-£7) S.P for this type of product would have gotten better sales if the material cost was kept low in the initial start up.
An example. all elements needed to be covered, more focus should have been on what is important such a carefull analysis comparing for least material cost and spending more time identifing a lesser costing producer skrinking expense this would have proven awesome for the company, labour cost to manufacture was high, rather than spending on example. Company Logo Notebooks. The money saved could then be used on more product at a lesser rate because of grown demand attracting more sales and having supply.
In evaluating the strengths and weakness the creative and innovative ability to closely detail and analyse prototypes thoroughly with detail attention is a skill realized after carrying out specific duties an example mechanisms that allow for procedures to be completed such as providing an established product that carries a demand and niche in the market, ascertaining customer feedback and adjusting fast enough to get it right the first time.
It is this type of creative flexibility that deepens the demand. And increases the likely sales. Giving spread and relinquishing doubt, thereby deepening the emotions of the crowd. Being bold and not being afraid to think outside the box is an art form unto itself opening up doors some not great but can be explored at a later time. An excellent practise is coming up with a new innovation for the future even if not used. Its a creative design thinking process that can only come out from taking the risk. In many instances a clearly defined goal is what makes the difference. Outlying what are the objective s and how this will be achieved sets the tone for future outcomes, building a strong brand requires consistent train of thought with a end result in mind. The process to get to this stage is the challenge.
I’m committed to what I say I will do, and follow through with the work in order to achieve my goal. Always prepared to carry out relevant research and careful planning. Seeing objectively by identifying the market share and how the demand can be met. Over the years I have improved my ability to convince consumers to buy into a product/service. I am always willing to learn and take notes in fact after accessing the work done a further step is taken to measure and seek out to improve its viability. These methods are taken to keep current and drive customer anticipation who are looking for more than what is being offered and meeting the criteria and delivering on these expectations to maintain brand.
Strong communication skills are pivotal for new products success. The innovation is unknown only by explaining what is being offered is how to build brand awareness. Some may be more receptive than others to start but initial stages research and quatifyable data determines the effectiveness of the message.  In the cases of Bright Light people grew to like the product through explanation at the trade markets and social media forums on facebook as many friends, businesses social groups rely on this platform to channel information consistently, using simple language ‘ the bag lays in between your back and the backpack giving cushioning for comfort and is concealed’. The loved the innovation so we developed greater opportunity for sales by the quality of the message.

I have come to understand that in business some aspects will have better results than others. Over energised effort may not get the better result rather allowing things to flow is better dependent on the scenario. Outside detractors may appear to discourage the process this should be relinquished as it is important to fulfill the process and keep the momentum on a high at all times especially in attaining market share.
After being a member of this class for two weeks, I now find myself in a position in which I answer some obvious but heavy questions. This course has offered a lot in learning in the fields of design and business behavior. The lessons learned can be applied to real life solution to many annoying personal situations.
Advertising by creating a short advertisement that solidifies the message is key for building brand awarenesses. Getting on board star personalities by endorsement through giveaways and, freebies, and trial who can then spread the word. Targeting in this scenario aligned industry associates who can further add value by building awareness via network.

“Design Thinking”

It is best to produce a product that’s concise and straight to the point.  Being a thinker  one who is distinctive in expression.  Always paying close attention at ways to improve with the future in mind.

Abstract visuals are one of my favourite types of Art this requires thinking Deeply for the message.  Innovation as prescribed by response to the final result has a dynamic element of unusual creative thought but what is usual and the norm has no  spacez in this context.  The difference is what counts, standing out with a unique element, aspect, version or invention.  That comes from the desire to examine without expectation.

“Squatty Potty”

Shared by Janja Song (The best poop of your Life)

Squatty Potty is a modern day stool.  The advertisement is one like no other a unicorn demonstrates creatively pooping rainbow and how valuable the comfort of having squatty potty to enable the process makes a difference.

It’s an innovation patented design, the message is crash to understand, bright and connects rainbow ice-cream  with the the importance of using the potty.  .

A strong message transferred in a light that’s colorful and attracts attention a type of thinking that is a creative design that tansends and after effect.  This is the objective to strive for when indulging creatively for positive customer reaction.


‘Strong Branding with Visuals’

The effect of a company speaks to the consumer.  Initial impact and identification of the brand pronounced entry and sustainability.  To be effective in message requires an image that connects the consumer.  It can be simple and the product many times displayed effectively can be all that is necessary.

Packaging and clear logo projects the strength of what to expect from the product.  Building quality assurance and a consistent reputation for reviews. I now understand why it is important to test the market with an innovation.

This feedback is a tool for building the customer experience and speaks to the future by injecting practical improvements into the product. Calculated unforseen money wasteage can be saved and put to use for the development of the company brand and image.

‘Dragons Den Competition’

Through working together and organically coordinating to achieve goals determines the companies success.  Lesson learnt!

Start ups require a business plan.  The guide and art behind each step determine the final outcome.  How revolutionary the art of thinking without limits, analysing the do’s and dont’s,

Research can justify way forward looking at an object for example in many different ways what it represents and innovating from what can evolve that being so much more.

The Dragons Den clearly demonstrated why it is important to question in detail the product and every aspect that will make or break it. The numbers don’t lie, and to stand out takes maturity in accepting correction so as to improve product, self and advancing the future.


Chief marketing officers are grappling with  a function and model that in many cases must be radically reformulated in order to improve both investment returns and global effectiveness. By Mary Pat McCarthy

Achieving scope can be birthed as a football games drives results.  The team that wins covers extensive ground by strategically and carefully adapting to what the goal requires then taking action to get the outcome.

Today more people have become accustomed to penetration of product via internet access.  This technology makes inventions easily accessible and marketable on a broader scale.